Dear Prof, Thank you for introducing these products to me.  I have had the most positive feedback from all my patients whom I have prescribed the use of your acne products.  Prior to these, I was prescribed oral antibiotics like doxycycline and topical creams such as clindamycin, which alleviated their skin problems temporarily, only to have repeated bouts of acne attack soon after.  Since starting my patients on Infinit’s range, I am seeing fewer acne recurrences and very happy faces.. Thank you once again.

Dr Fred O

Klang, Family Doctor, 43

I’ve been using the In-finit™ C3 acne set for (treating my patients) for almost a year now. I must say that I’m very satisfied with it.  It’s simple enough for patients to take home.  The instructions are detailed but simple to understand. That to me is very important because I do not want to have my patients confuse with complicated instructions. When they’re confused, chances are they will either use it wrongly or not use it at all.

I use the In-finit™ sets for most of my patients, from mild to moderate acne. Some even took it with them when they go for their studies abroad.  Some would ask their parents to take it for them when they’re finished with their first set. Almost all would keep coming and buy the next set.  When their acne is controlled, I would advise them to keep using the In-finit™ C3 cleanser and acne spot cream. Works brilliantly. Thanks for the great products, Prof.

Dr. Haseenah H

Shah Alam, Family Doctor, 45

My 16-year-old son had moderately severe cystic acne which was not responding to the conventional acne treatment.  At one stage, I had no choice but to start him on long-term oral antibiotics because new lesions kept appearing and he started feeling self-conscious. When I read the article on In-finit™ C³Acne Formula, I thought I’d try it.  After all, I had nothing to lose.  After one week of using In-finit™ C³Acne Formula, I could see some improvement; the old lesions started settling down but occasionally 1 or 2 new lesions would appear but would settle down within 2 or 3 days.  This gave me the confidence to introduce it to a good number of my acne patients, who to date, have shown good improvement on follow-up.

One remarkable case was a young boy with severe infected cystic acne of his face, chest, and back.  After only 1 week of treatment, he was thrilled that even his class teacher remarked to him that his face was looking better!

We are now looking forward to a scar-repair cream to help lessen the old scars, and give these children their self-confidence back.

Dr. Randeep K

Family doctor; Seremban

My 15-yr. old daughter has had acne problems for the last 3 yrs.  We had tried a number of products in the pharmacy in USA but never able to achieve complete clearance of her acne. After using In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula for 3 – 4 weeks, she was able to clear her acne and bring it under control.  She had occasional flare-ups and was using the generic form of Proactive daily. She feels that it is much better controlled with In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula. She is counting the day it became easily available to her.

Dr. Kate G

Japanese American doctor, >40

My son Errol is a gregarious and sociable 15-year-old with a very active lifestyle. He has however been plagued by blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples since he was 12.  The nasty condition starting would manifest as festering red and angry boils and as lumps and bumps around his crown and hairline, on the front and side of his face causing him tremendous distress both physically and psychologically.  This condition would also upset his mother and me because we tried numerous anti-acne and skin cleansing products on the market. All to no avail.

We were introduced to In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula and the following represents a summary of events that occurred chroot did not seem to be a discernable difference in the number of larger pimples and pustules around the face and hairline but the blackheads were noticeably absent.  20 days – black and whiteheads absent with face feeling smoother and clearer.  Pimples and pustules diminishing in size and location.  30 – 40 days -almost fully clear with very little evidence of blackheads/whiteheads/pimples or pustules.   In one word – this treatment is AMAZING ……. and we are truly grateful as a family to In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula and have no hesitation in recommending this product to all who seek a cure for Acne.

Kevin L

48, Nursing Professional

I read about In-finit acne products in a health magazine.  I tried it on my customers with acne problems and IT WORKS!!  My acne customers faces have improved complexions and they are very happy.  Since I started to use In-finit products, my business has improved a lot.  I am happy and I have happy customers who keep coming back for facials.


Beautician. Puchong

My 13 year old daughter has pimple problems. I have tried many types of products from pharmacies and also took her to a beauty saloon but I have never been happy with the results. My sister introduced me to  In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula.  I bought a kit and let my daughter use it within one week, I can see that me daughter’s pimple problem is clearing.  She continued using it for more than a month.  Very few new pimples pop up during the time when she was using.  She also use In-finit Moisturizing Gel.  Today, my daughter has the most beautiful skin on her face.  I am very proud of that and am very happy for her.


Malay 37

Infinit is a very good product. I have tried several products 4 acne but I have never been as satisfied as this product. It really clears and dries my pimples very fast without leaving any scars. Now I am recommending it 2 my son and hope 2 c the same result. Hope that this company will come out with new products 4 other skin problems.  I am confident I will be able 2 c your new products in the near future”.


Malay 22

Acne problems since I was 14.  I have tried many products but never able to clear my acne.  Since my skin is oily, the acne problems became worse.  One day, my sister from KL gave me In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula.  After 3 weeks of using it, I could feel the difference.  My skin is not oily anymore and my face is now clear of acne.  My friends also noticed the difference.  I am now using this product daily and I would like to recommend this product to my friends because I know it works.


Malay, 22

I was introduced to this product by my father. I have been using this product for one month now and have seen noticeable results. Prior to this treatment, I suffered from mild to moderate acne and now after only a month, I have only a few acne spots. The treatment is therefore more effective than the over the counter (OTC) face wash with 5% benzoyl peroxide I traditionally used.  Initially, I find the Cleanser and CR Cream too harsh on my skin and there was temporary flaking due to dryness.  However, these did not happen after a while. For me, these minor inconveniences can be overlooked as the overall result is very pleasing. I am currently about to leave to Sydney to start university and will not be back in Malaysia for a year. And as such, I have purchased an additional three kits of In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula. 

Joe Y

Chinese, 17

Acne problems for as long as I could remember. I never was able to experience a nice clear face complexion like many growing girls. My acne problems were very regular and it got worst when I used one of the products that you can buy from over the counter at the pharmacy. I actually gave up on having that dream of having a clear face complexion until I gave myself another chance by trying In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula , thinking “What is there for me to lose!” I was very diligent in using it and now my acne problems are under control and I do not have any more acne lesions.  I am very happy with the whole situation as it finally works as my skin is one of the most problematic skins that I know of. I thank the people who invented this formula.  I wish everyone out there who has acne, not to give up but give In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula a shot and try it.  You would be surprised at how well it works!

Susan Y

Chinese, 35

My 17-yr. old son had light to moderate acne problems over the last 3 yrs. Some measure of control was achieved with some commercially available products but the results were never long-lasting. After using In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula according to instructions, its effects could already be seen within a few days and complete clearance was achieved about 4 weeks. Although he has not continued to use In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula (due to resupply problems), there have been only very minor flare-ups. I look forward to In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula being easily available so that his acne will be truly under control.

Zainul F

Professor, Male, 46

Acne problems since I was a 14-yr. old. Over the last 15 years, I have tried a large number of products bought in the pharmacy in Malaysia and UK. Some of the products are well-known international brands but they did not solve my acne problem. I have also been treated by doctors and was given antibiotics and other medication. These worked for a while but my acne problem always came back.  When I came home to Malaysia for a short holiday, my sister gave me an In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula kit two days before I left for London. Within less than two weeks, my acne problem improved tremendously and my face is now clear of acne. I feel great and relieved that finally, I have solved my acne problem. I hope I don’t get breakouts anymore. I know that In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula is not available yet in London; I hope it can be bought through the internet.

Loh K

Chinese Malaysian in London, female, 29

Having bad acne problems for the last 9 yrs. Tried all sorts of treatment and have been very frustrated. In the early years, I used to fiddle around with my acne until I have a lot of scars on my face. I have tried many products and creams from the pharmacy but they don’t work. I have also tried drinking goat’s milk and eating gamat and other traditional medicine and creams; still I cannot solve my acne problem. When I was introduced to In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula , my acne was quite bad. By the 4th week, my acne was much reduced and by the 6th week, all my pimples were cleared. Today, I am free of acne and have not been using any cream on my face. I still have some scars from my previous acne problem. I look forward to a cream that will help solve this.


Malay, Female, 23

Acne problems for the last 6 months, especially on my forehead and cheeks. I had tried a number of products bought from the pharmacy in Jakarta but never able to clear my acne. After using In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula for 3 weeks, I was able to clear my acne and bring it under control. For the last 3 months, I have been only using the In-finit™ C³ Cleanser. My face is now clear of acne and my skin feels clean and fresh.


Indonesian, Female, 22

Acne problems for the last few years but nothing seems to be able to clear my acne. After using In-finit™ C³ Acne Formula for 3 weeks, I was able to clear my acne. Today, my acne is under control. I also use In-finit™ C³ Cleanser and In-finit™ Moisturizing Gel every day. My face feels clean and I can see that my skin is now clear and shiny. I am now very happy with what I see in the mirror.


Malay, Female, 26

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