Brand Story

Why hide behind your makeup when you can unleash your very own unique beauty, letting it shine through by having clear and healthy-looking skin?

Our skincare ingredients have been thoughtfully selected to target and treat the various causes of a skin problem that pull your confidence down such as acne, scars, dull skin, darkened skin, and pigmentation.

We believe in results. Recovery from a skin problem is a journey. We are confident SQ-Infinit⁺ products will support you in your personal journey in obtaining the skin you desire.

With SQ-Infinit⁺, we want you to be flashing your amazing smile with confidence and admiring your new skin when you look into the mirror!

We chose “Infinit” (reaching for perfection) as our brand in 2006. We believe it is possible to reach infinity or to be perfect. Hence, we set this as our organization’s target. To achieve this target, we harvested the most updated knowledge from research in natural products and scientific understanding, apply them to produce innovative solutions to solve common skin problems.

This is now the vision of SQ-Infinit⁺ – To bring together people who believe in this ideal.

reaching for perfection
SQ Infinit⁺

The vision of our organization is to educate individuals with skin problems to better understand and proactively manage their respective problems by providing them with knowledge and innovative products.

“SQ-Infinit⁺” is a rejuvenation of “infinit”, brought about by past experiences, new knowledge, and new innovative discoveries as well as exciting skincare ingredients. We have been passionately developing and marketing innovative skincare products since 2006.

We believe that to solve a skin problem, you need a combination of expertise from a proven innovative and inventive medical scientist and an experienced aesthetic physician. We give you both plus products that result from this unique (singular) merger.

Why add “SQ”, you may ask.  SQ stands for “Singular Quality”.

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