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    SQ-Infinit⁺ Blackhead Buster


    SQ-infinit+ BLACKHEAD BUSTER works by dissolving blackheads and whiteheads that clog the pores. It exfoliates dead skin, shrinks pores and hydrates the skin resulting in smooth and glowing skin. It reduces the discomfort associated with the swelling caused by acne lesions. You may use it as a facial mask for overall glowing skin.

    Some stinging and tingling sensation is normal during the first few applications. If you do experience redness of the skin, it is temporary.

    • 30ml Airless Pump
    • 10ml Tube
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    SQ-infinit+ Brightening Moisturising Gel


    SQ-infinit+ BRIGHTENING MOISTURISING GEL is specially formulated to brighten, soothe, calm irritated skin and hydrate the skin. Its ingredients help reduce skin oil production. It also contains anti-oxidants that are essential for healthy glowing skin. It is suitable for those with sensitive, acne-prone and oily skin.

    • 10ml Airless Pump
    • 30ml Airless Pump
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    SQ-infinit+ dP Cream 15ml


    SQ-infinit+ dP CREAM is recommended for use against pigmentation spots on the skin, including sun spots. It is formulated to block various biochemical pathways involved in the formation and transport of pigments by skin cells. This allows new unpigmented skin to replace pigmented ones that have been shed off from the skin.

    Recommended to be used together with a sunscreen.

    • 15ml Airless Pump

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